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Tom Fridley Voice Imaging

Add a fresh voice to your company's image

Warm.  Friendly.  Authoritative.  Versatile.  Easy to work with.  Fun!

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Voice Actor

Voice Coach



Actor / Model

Radio / TV Talent

Singer / Guitarist


Ken / Account Executive

“I use Tom for all my clients. He's got the best voice! His creativity, writing, direction, and producing make my clients happy. And he's fun to work with!”

Gary / Radio Programmer 

“Tom's voice has shaped the sound of our station for years. Turnover time is like no other we have worked with. Tom helps us every day and we consider him a part of the station!”

Pam / Voice Actor 

“Thanks for all your help and coaching on editing and voiceover tips and techniques! It's paid off... nominated for FOUR Voice Arts Awards!!!”

Tina / Production Company

"If a "Smile" could be embodied, it would be Tom Fridley! In all my years as voice seeker, I have yet to find another voice like Tom's. He truly connects with his copy and genuinely sounds like he is smiling right at you, and believes that his client is absolutely the best!! Let's not forget the professional sound and super fast turn around!"

Mark / NFL Broadcaster, Coach and QB

“You are the coach of all coaches!

Cameron / Voice Actor 

“Tom is the true definition of motivation and dedication. He

will not only give it 100%, but 250% or whatever is necessary

to get the job done at the highest possible outcome. Tom went above and beyond to help me enhance my professional development. He is truly an amazing voice talent and coach, and an extremely talented producer. I highly recommend
him for any project.”

Bryan / Advertising Agent

“We’ve been using Tom for years and he never disappoints. We love the energy and enthusiasm he brings and we can always rely on his timing, inflection… everything that makes a great spot. We definitely recommend his services!”

Ray / Client 

“What a pleasure it is to work with a real professional like Tom.

While I have some marketing and advertising background, Tom's production and direction skills accounted for my shortcomings and the end product worked out well!”

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